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Vivid unlocks the full brightness of your MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR

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No new shortcuts to remember. Your brightness keys now go twice as bright as before. Simple as that.

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Work outdoors with ease. Vivid's extra brightness makes your screen clear and easy to see, even in the brightest sunshine.

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You can try Vivid in Splitscreen Mode™ for free for as long as you want. See if it works for your workflow before you consider purchasing a lifetime license.

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Vivid is a one-time purchase, no subscription. You get all the features in every plan.

Single License

€ 10

Use Vivid on your personal devices

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€ 40

Brighten the displays of your team.

  • Use for up to 5 different devices
  • Just € 8 / device
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Company License

€ 60

Brighten the displays of your company.

  • Use for up to 10 different devices
  • Just € 6 / device
  • One time purchase
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Requires MacBook Pro 14 or 16 inch with M1/M2/M3 Pro/Max or Pro Display XDR

Questions & Answers

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Frequently asked questions

Yep! When you install Vivid it will start in Splitscreen Mode™, where half of your screen will be able to go into full brightness mode. This way you can check to see if Vivid works for your particular usecases. You can use Vivid in Splitscreen Mode™ for as long as you want (but we think you'll want to use it on both sides once you see it 😉)

Vivid does not make your display do anything it’s not supposed to do. Vivid enables the extra brightness range usually reserved for HDR content, in exactly the same as if you were editing HDR video. The official word from Apple on this topic is here. Apple claims the following:

"1000 nits of brightness. Pro Display XDR can sustain 1000 nits of brightness across the full screen. This means that a pro can edit an HDR photograph or video with the entire frame at 1000 nits of brightness, indefinitely."

Vivid does not use low level display hacks to push your display to levels it shouldn't go. The temperature of your displays will increase if you use your display in a very warm environment, but macOS will limit the max brightness if necessary.

Vivid is made for MacBook Pros with the M1, M2 or M3 chips, as well as the Pro Display XDR display. The monitors on these devices have the capability to display content at 1.000 nits sustained (for an indefinite time).

Unfortunately Intel MacBooks, MacBook Air, the M1 MacBook Pro 13" and the Studio Display are not supported as their screens can not go beyond their regular maximum.

Nope, at least nothing noticeable!

Yes, although it will be a bit more expensive there than if you would use the direct download. You can find it here!